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Grief – after 8 months of a family bereavement I could not seem to move on from the “raw” grief I was feeling and it was affecting negatively all aspects of my life.  Speaking to Lorraine who is trained, and not a family member or a friend, enabled me to speak freely and open up as I would not have done to anyone else.  Just talking about the thoughts and feelings I was having put into perspective my current emotional turmoil and enabled me to realize why I was having such difficulties, deal with those difficult situations and thoughts and move on with my life. As soon as I reached out to Lorraine Williams I knew she would be able to help me, and suffering from the “raw emotion of grief” for so long I immediately relaxed, and felt I was in very capable hands.  Family and friends have been wonderful but with Lorraine’s training and vast experience, and her relaxed manner, I felt totally free to discuss anything.  Lorraine made me see the situation from a different angle I did not seem to have the ability to move on from the grief, however, with encouragement and wise words and talking through the issues the grief has gone from permanently present to a much more manageable place.  My life has moved on considerably, I am happier and able to deal with life again without feeling guilty or the raw grief, my family have definitely noticed the positive change in me.”

“It’s helped me a lot to process my thoughts and understanding of my trauma, I look at it in a different way. I now think in a much more healthy way than previously negative; a different way of thinking. Lorraine was very reassuring and gave me hope and confidence from the start, it was a pleasant, understanding and supportive approach. She was compassionate and made the whole experience easy and optimistic from the beginning.”

“Through efficient techniques and clear directive. I found clear techniques very helpful, custom fit for my specific anxieties. It was good – services pretty sure shortest therapy I’ve been in. easier than I thought it was going to be via Zoom other lockdown therapy did not work so well for me.”

“It was very professional, very educational.  Everything was hassle-free.  The environment was very warm and welcoming.  I felt very safe to express my opinions and not be judged. Lorraine is a fantastic psychotherapist, and very good at her job.”

“The therapy was brilliant. I had a little bit of counselling in the past, but this really helped to not only put things into perspective, but to help work through them. Lorraine was brilliant, working with me to honestly help, not only working with me, but making the therapy informative and helpful. The sessions were brilliant!.”

“Overall it helped me to unravel all the ‘demons’ inside my head or in my imagination. By analysing each of my different issues our discussions did help me to take stock, sweep aside the ‘debris’ and to focus on the issues of concern and to then rationalize and risk-assess each issue as it might apply to my day-to-day living environment and circumstances. The rational thinking enabled me to re-establish some self-respect and self-belief, something which had been missing for a long time, which enabled me to both acknowledge and managed each issue in a more positive and constructive way. Your friendly, respectful and warm approach to understanding and managing difficulties certainly facilitated a very open, candid and sometimes very personal, exchange of information and views. The ‘virtual’ communications between us each month in no way inhibited our discussions and the outcomes.”

“The therapy has helped me to put the accident into perspective and into the past. I no longer feel nervous about having another accident. I found your approach both friendly and professional, you are an easy person to talk to.”

“My therapy has been very useful and I am now in a very positive place after struggling for years. Therapy has helped me overcome a lot of self-doubt and negativity, as Lorraine has taught me skills for life and has really helped me get my life back on track.”

“I was enabled to see that my problem was wholly anxiety and that my triggers had no basis in reality. I felt that with the support I was able to confront my fears and find them baseless. It has been a liberating and enhancing experience you have given me the confidence to face my fears and I am very grateful.”

“The therapy sessions were wonderful. I have always thought I know myself pretty well, but it has been great to really understand my natural instincts work with those using CBT to negotiate many challenging situations in recent times. I found Lorraine to be supportive, insightful and at times you have been quite tough and told me how it is. There are always times when that is best for you. It has been truely wonderful and I cannot thank you enough .”

“Therapy really gave me the tools and confidence to be able to be able to tackle any fears and anxiety that I was experiencing. It gave me a better insight to how I was feeling and why, which allowed me to change my behaviour and therefor recover. Working with you has been life changing, the progress and recovery that I have been able to make has been incredible. With you help I have been able to be the person that I have been able to be the person that I have wanted to be for so long. Absolutenly unforgetable and I ill be forever grateful..”

“Lorraine was amazing, helped me see and think clearly and be more positive and realise it will be ok, we set goals, talked through the past, put things into perspective. It was my happiest hour of the week for a few months. I loved my time with her. I cried, laughed, she supported me. I am not scared or down now, I feel I can cope, look forward and think more clearly. You helped me through a tricky time, you listened, you cared for me and slowly we you made me realise things and feel better about myself and things happening around me. I will use Lorraine’s sayings and things she has taught me to carry on being positive and happy with my lot. Thank you so much, will never forget your kidness.”

“I now feel in control of my own thoughts and emotions. I know that there are worries that we all face day-to-day and they are totally normal, because they are only small and I am fully capable of being rational about them. Lorraine has been simply amazing, I truly believe you opended me up to CT and allowed me to bring back my true, happy & confident self. Thank you!”

“Lorraine helped me to see what I was feeling was ‘normal’ and gave me someone comfortable to talk to, with no hidden agenda for themselves. Lorraine has given me lots of techniques to help me in the future. She has helped me to normalise things I found her reassuring and helped me move in the right direction”

“The therapy has helped me to normalise and to understand that what I am going through is temporary. It is not unjustified and it has helped me to find coping mechanisms. I’ve really enjoyed working with Lorraine and felt I have been able to discuss and understand myself, without feeling worried or judged. “

“It has helped me to have the tools I need to manage my worry and anxiety. It has allowed me to reduce my stress levels, so I can problem solve issues when they arrive. I have found Lorraine to be very supportive and very knowledgeable with CBT techniques. She is a thoughtful listener and has helped me to identify techniques I can use to lower my anxiety. “

“Lorraine has given me the skills I need to control my anxiety and to focus on the things that matter in my life. To be kinder to myself and not feel guilty for putting myself first on occasions. To focus on my thoughts and on the positive. Thank you for passing on the CBT torch onto me! I now feel I can move on with confidence to manage on my own. Thank you for your kindness and for pushing me where I needed it.”

“It was an absolute game changer in understanding how my negative thoughts and behaviour were slowly making me worse. I now recognise my triggers, how to help myself when I feel lost and have the motivation to keep going when I feel like giving up. Lorraine is such a wonderful, intelligent and inspiring lady to work with. She has an answer to everything and makes you feel so empowered. She is also incredibly understanding and makes you feel as if your mind has the power to change anything you want.”

“From the start, I was comfortable unloading all my worries and my stresses on Lorraine. She was able to dissect, compartmentalise, and rationalise all these into manageable boxes. I credit her with giving me the confidence and strength to deal with life’s issues so well that I can now feel proud of the person I’ve become.”
“My therapy has given me a fantastic understanding of my difficulties.  I feel much more confident and reassured in what I experienced and feel that I am now able to move forward.  My treatment with Lorraine has been enlightening, enjoyable and educational.  I have always felt at ease and comfortable in my sessions.  She has always been understanding, very kind and professional.  I could not be happier with my treatment. ”
“A big thank you to Lorraine for turning my life around. I have never felt so happy in a very long time and with this type of help this has changed my life, and I can now look forward with enjoyment. I was really struggling and to receive this help was a blessing and a miracle.”
“I am forever grateful to Lorraine for all of her professional help and continuous support. CBT has helped me to close the door on more than 15 years of PTSD and the controlled and structured way I was counselled, and eventually cured, has been an eye-opener for me. I am and will be eternally grateful to her.”
“During therapy I felt comfortable talking about my problems and asking for advice. Lorraine has a flexible approach and she tailored the therapy to my needs. She always gave very effective solutions to all of my questions/problems and this has changed my overall behaviour and improved so much my professional and personal life ”
“Lorraine’s approach felt very unique and personalised. I felt like I could trust her from the very first session as she came alongside me and gently guided me from my inward focus to viewing things as they really are. I would recommend Lorraine to anyone seeking treatment.”


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