Testimonials Lorraine Williams

lorraine williams in office

"My therapy has given me a fantastic understanding of my difficulties.  I feel much more confident and reassured in what I experienced and feel that I am now able to move forward.  My treatment with Lorraine has been enlightening, enjoyable and educational.  I have always felt at ease and comfortable in my sessions.  She has always been understanding, very kind and professional.  I could not be happier with my treatment. "

"A big thank you to Lorraine for turning my life around. I have never felt so happy in a very long time and with this type of help this has changed my life, and I can now look forward with enjoyment. I was really struggling and to receive this help was a blessing and a miracle."

"I feel that I am moving forward in my healing and well-being journey thanks to Lorraine who has been very professional, perceptive, wise, understanding and supportive throughout my therapy. She has helped me regain my life back and I can’t thank her enough."

"I am forever grateful to Lorraine for all of her professional help and continuous support. CBT has helped me to close the door on more than 15 years of PTSD and the controlled and structured way I was counselled, and eventually cured, has been an eye-opener for me. I am and will be eternally grateful to her."

"During therapy I felt comfortable talking about my problems and asking for advice. Lorraine has a flexible approach and she tailored the therapy to my needs. She always gave very effective solutions to all of my questions/problems and this has changed my overall behaviour and improved so much my professional and personal life "

"Lorraine’s approach felt very unique and personalised. I felt like I could trust her from the very first session as she came alongside me and gently guided me from my inward focus to viewing things as they really are. I would recommend Lorraine to anyone seeking treatment."